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Free shipping within North America
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Hello, my name is Rebecca Ashie originally from Ghana and emigrated to Canada at a young age. Growing up partly in Ghana and in Canada has given a perspective on life, that makes me appreciate the blessings of Living in Canada. I always had the urge to go back and help Ghana, but as a married mother of two young children and also a nurse by profession traveling is not option. Hence starting my business which helps weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana by paying fair market price for their baskets. Our Baskets are handcrafted with high quality materials, we ensure the baskets are handled in a hygienic manner for the safety of your family and we shape all our baskets to ensure convenience and ease of use. We offer superior customer service by answering all our messages in timely fashion. Our future plans include working with various charities to improve maternal health in Ghana. Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping.


building community one basket at A time!


As fellow Ghanaians with lived experience in Ghana.  we intimately know about the hardships that impact the lives of everyday Ghanaians. We hope to help artisans build sustainable businesses, which will raise their income and standard of living. In turn this will preserve our cultural heritage and ensure indigenous skills survive for the next generation. At the same time, we aim to provide you with the most beautiful products and put a smile on your face!


Our Work with weavers hopes to economically impact the artisans we work with and preserving traditional art of weaving. In the future we hope as our business grows, we can give back to the community through charitable works in Education, Health care and Micro Finance Loans


We monitor and develop every stage of the value chain, to ensure a continuous and efficient supply of products for our customers and our partner artisans. To generate creating innovative, irresistible designs, raising our public profile and strengthening brand awareness. This ensures our artisans have regular income, their enterprises grow steadily, and their communities are continually enriched.


We believe in the principles of fair trade and ensure that our artisans are fairly remunerated for their unique creations. We search for the best artisans in the markets and villages of Northern, Ghana and invite them to work with us. Those who are keen and committed to working hard become part of our team of weavers.

Customer reviews

This basket fits perfectly on top of a Fischer price change table. Sturdy and beautifully woven. Happy with this purchase!
Beautiful! Thank you so much for such a gorgeous basket. It's perfect for foraging and exactly what I was looking for!
Shipping was fast. The basket is beautiful and I loved the handwritten card and little gift included. Miigwech <3